I Am Me….

Fat… ugly… stupid… slut… whore… bad mom… overthinker… unworthy… unlovable… bitch… drug addict… loser. Those are all things that people have said that I am. Those are words that have been used to describe who I am as a person. Those words hurt really bad. The people using them do not understand the struggle thatContinue reading “I Am Me….”

Mental Abuse

Why is it that people do not look at Mental abuse as an actual abuse? Yes there is no marks on your body. There is nothing physical to prove that this abuse is actually happening or it has happened. With the mental abuse I endured for 5 years, I can say that abuse has affectedContinue reading “Mental Abuse”


PTSD…. Depression…. Scared of rejection…. anxiety…. fear of society… fake smiles…. cover the tears…. their lying…. brings you back to crying…. hiding the scars…. so deep, so far…. not showing the real you…. because the judgements are lowing…. they gossip… but do not know the story…. heart broken…. soft spoken…. higmding your face…. from theirContinue reading “Truth”


There is hope. Even when you feel hopeless. Even if you feel like there is nowhere to turn. Someone does care about you, someone does love you. Sometimes our brain tells us things that are not true. We may think that we can not tell anyone we are struggling. We may think that we areContinue reading “Hope”

Not Today

I have been struggling with writing on this blog the last couple of days. It have been really hard for me because I just feel like I am doing the wrong thing all the time. I have been told I am just writing this blog for attention or for people to have sympathy for meContinue reading “Not Today”


Healing from your past traumas can be extremely hard and very messy. You will have your ups and you will have your downs. There will be days that you struggle so bad that you just do not want to face the the day. There will be days that you feel like you made steps forwardContinue reading “Healing”

Self Discovery

This one is a hard one for me. I have a hard time finding who I am because I felt like I had to be someone everyone else wanted me to be. I would tell myself, if I do something others may not like I am going to be rejected. So to me going withContinue reading “Self Discovery”

It’s Okay!

Last night was a really bad night. After I dropped off my son back to his dad. I cried for two hours. I came home to an empty apartment. I felt extremely lonely. It was really hard for me with it being Mother’s day and I did not have my children. I felt like IContinue reading “It’s Okay!”

Being Joyful

I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out what I wanted to write about today. I looked at how I was feeling today and I feel joyful. Joy is the feeling of great pleasure and happiness. You can be joyful not matter the circumstances that is surrounding your life. ItContinue reading “Being Joyful”


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