Being Joyful

I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out what I wanted to write about today. I looked at how I was feeling today and I feel joyful. Joy is the feeling of great pleasure and happiness. You can be joyful not matter the circumstances that is surrounding your life. It is deciding to look at the good things in your life not the bad things.

Many things could be going wrong in your life. You could be facing a divorce, you could be be going through the darkness with no way out. Our lives are not perfect and they never will be perfect. There will be times that things are going great in you life. Also, there will be times that it seems like everything is going wrong. If is how we react to those situations that count.

For a long time I dwell on everything that was wrong in my life. I kept looking at the past and I let that defined who I was going to be. I was completely depressed. I would blame myself because I felt like everything was my fault. Dwelling on your situation and your past will make it hard to feel joy.

Today I woke up with a new attitude on life. Yes there are things in my life that I wish I could change. But trying to change them makes me feel down, depressed and worthless. I am looking at all the good things in my life from now on. I am going to start looking at all the positives in my life and work through the negative. I will not let the negatives run my life anymore.

You maybe facing something really hard in your life right now. You maybe think that you are not going to make it and you want to just give up. Don’t give up! Try to find one good thing that’s in your life. It could be your kids, you have a roof over your head, etc. I challenge you today to look at the things that make you feel joy. In doing that you will start looking at all the good things and it will give you the strength to get through the hard time.

Published by amandalynn1982

I am 37 years old and live in Michigan. I am a mother of 2 wonderful children. They are definitely my blessing. I want to use my story to help others!

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